Our Vision

The CNBP is enabling the Discovery of chemical, nanomaterial and fibre based light responsive tools that Sense and can Image the molecular origins of health and disease.

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To discover new approaches to measure nano-scale dynamic phenomena in living systems.


To drive advances in the development of new ways to measure inside living systems.

Who we are

CNBP is an internationally recognised hub of NanoBioPhotonics, empowering young researchers; seeding new companies; and educating our community about the value of science.

We are innately innovative and transdisciplinary in focus. Research is driven from within the Centre’s core disciplines and between the discipline boundaries. Achieving our aims requires us to stretch the very limits of knowledge. This is achieved via collaborations between researchers, project teams, Chief Investigators and Partner Investigators across disciplines, institutions and technical expertise areas.


  • Lead international research in nanobiophotonics – creating tools for understanding complex biological systems
  • Empower and integrated fields of leading researchers across physics, chemistry and biology
  • Pioneer approaches to transdisciplinary research training and nurturing entrepreneurship in emerging scientists
  • Inspire children through to young adults to aspire to careers in science as a pathway to making a difference
  • Engage with leading international centres and researchers to strengthen outcomes and raise the profile of Australian Research
  • Seed industries by creating disruptive technology platforms and partnering with industry

Science Aims

  • Reach the limits of light-based measurement within complex and dynamic biological environments
  • Exploit physics and multiple scales – nanoscale to macro – using photons to bridge from nanomaterial to devices
  • Create smart, tailored interfaces between these nanoscale systems and the biochemical environment
  • Develop new ways to control molecular function in solution and on surfaces
  • Establish new forms of assay measurement that can operate within living organisms
  • Use these assays to study key problems associated with Reproductive Success, Vascular Health and Persistent Pain
  • Understand the molecular mechanisms, processes and functionalities in these biological systems

CNBP Associate Investigator A/Prof Guozhen Liu.

The Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics links Australia's key nanophotonics groups and builds on Global Collaborations with a focus on doing the science required to advance biology.