CNBP Seminar Series


The CNBP Seminar series is a weekly on-line seminar as a mechanism to share new research and workshop transdisciplinary projects. 

Speakers include CNBP researchers, students and special guests. We encourage the presentation of new data, problem experiments and unpolished talks.  

Due to the potential for unpublished data to be presented, attendance is limited to CNBP members working for an organisation who are signatories of the Centres Confidentiality Agreement (CDA).

If you are a CNBP member and would like to attend the CNBP seminar series please join theSlack Channel: #cnbp-seminar-series.  

For further information please contact Kathleen Zummo  


The Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics links Australia's key nanophotonics groups and builds on Global Collaborations with a focus on doing the science required to advance biology.