Our Research

The research at the Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics is organised in four interconnected research themes:

Illuminate - creating novel light sources for interrogating biomolecules

Recognise – creating smart surfaces for photonic structures and nanoparticles

Measure – creating nanophotonic architectures customised to enhance light-matter interactions at the nanoscale for biological measurement

Discover – identifying specific molecular changes for measurement using  advanced molecular sensors

And three biologically driven challenges at the forefront of current research

The Spark of Life – measuring embryonic metabolism

Origins of Sensation – the role of immune signals in sensation

Inside Blood Vessels – measuring nitric oxide in functional blood vessels

These challenges have been selected because they pose measurement questions that cannot be addressed with existing technologies. They provide a context in which we can explore and extend the limits of the science, and a pathway for evolving research outcomes within each theme in directions that will enable translation and impact.

The Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics links Australia's key nanophotonics groups and builds on Global Collaborations with a focus on doing the science required to advance biology.