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CNBP in the news 

Research findings and the media

31 January 2017: “Now, more than ever, in a world filled with ‘fake news’, it’s up to researchers to work hard to have accurate messages publicised,” says CNBP researcher Dr Hannah Brown in an article published  in The Conversation. Read more on how scientists and the media can work together to effectively bring science to the public.  

Developing novel nano-tools to better understand the brain

11 November 2016: Understanding how the brain works is one of the greatest challenges of modern science – A challenge that CNBP Research Fellow Guozhen Liu is certainly up to! She has recently been awarded an ARC Future Fellowship commencing in 2017 and will work on the creation of a suite of novel biomolecular nano-formulations capable […]

CNBP on Scope TV!

24 September 2016: Scope TV  takes a look at the latest and greatest in scientific advancements and explores what’s up and coming in the wonderful world of science. CNBP researcher Dr Malcolm Purdey features in the latest episode of Scope, discussing light based sensing and explaining how innovative optical technologies are opening up exciting new windows into the […]

How old is too old for a safe pregnancy?

3 August 2016: “While it’s possible to conceive later in life, it’s a risky decision,” says CNBP researcher Dr Hannah Brown who looked at risks and complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth in an article published today in ‘The Conversation’.  

Coverage: Brain probe to examine effects of drug use

22 July 2016: A new optical-fibre based probe that measures temperature-change in the brain has been developed by CNBP researchers. It has the potential to be used to examine the effects of drug use as well as be used in the monitoring of serious brain injury including strokes or hemorrhage. Read more about it in R&D […]

Coverage: Tiny gemstones advance nanoscale imaging

20 July 2016: A research team at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) – led by Dr Philipp Reineck (pictured) from RMIT University’s School of Science – tested ruby and diamond particles, more than a thousand times smaller than the diameter of a hair, alongside other nanoparticles for use in biological imaging, […]

World-first egg research leads to new fertility treatment

7 July 2016: CNBP’s Dr Hannah Brown is profiled in the latest issue of Lumen Magazine from the University of Adelaide. In an inspiring article, Hannah discusses her pioneering research and work in the field of fertility treatment and talks about the people and the projects that have motivated her along the way.  

Coverage: Chronic pain treatment with stem cells

18 May 2016: CNBP technology and expertise is playing a key role in a successful ARC Linkage grant worth $340,000 which will target the debilitating effects of chronic pain. Involving collaboration between CNBP, Macquarie University, the University of Adelaide and Regeneus, you can read more about it in an article published in the online magazine Australian […]

Science, beauty, and the art of asking questions

6 May 2016: Good science is simply the art of asking really good questions said CNBP Chief Investigator Prof Tanya Monro, in a motivating TEDx talk that took place in Adelaide, May 6th, 2016. Tanya’s talk, titled “Science, beauty, childhood and the art of asking questions” explained how science and mathematics can help explain everything […]

National Press Club: Women of Science

30 March 2016: CNBP Chief Investigator Prof. Tanya Monro was one of three top tier scientists presenting today, at the Australian National Press Club in Canberra. The topic under discussion, gender inequalities in the scientific workplace and what can be done to best stop the science brain drain that is forcing out some of Australia’s best […]

Behind the scenes at SmP

3 March 2016: A ‘Behind the Scenes’ video taken at the annual ‘Science Meets Parliament’ event featured CNBP researchers Dr Melanie McDowall (pictured) and Dr Hannah Brown. Follow the action in an entertaining and informative video that shows just what happens when Australia’s top scientists get the chance to meet the policy makers of the […]

Coverage: Counting cancer-busting oxygen molecules

5 February, 2016: Researchers from the Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP), have shown that nanoparticles used in combination with X-rays, are a viable method for killing cancer cells deep within the living body. The research, published in the journal ‘Scientific Reports‘ is based on the successful quantification of singlet oxygen produced during photodynamic therapy for cancer. Singlet […]

Coverage: New sensor to aid IVF

6 January, 2016: The tricky process of monitoring early-stage embryos during the IVF process could become much easier with the development of a new fibre-optic sensor that can measure concurrently, hydrogen peroxide and pH (acidity-alkalinity concentrations) in solution. The sensor, the first of its kind, was reported in the research journal ‘Sensors’ and consists of a single […]

Coverage: Barbara Kidman Fellowships

10 December 2015: University of Adelaide and CNBP researchers Dr Sabrina Heng and Dr Melanie McDowall are recipients of the Barbara Kidman Women’s Fellowship for 2016. The Fellowship supports  female academics in enhancing and promoting their career, following time out of the workplace due to carer’s or family leave. The Fellowship is for 12 months and can […]

Coverage: MQ and Regeneus agreement

24 November 2015: Professor Ewa Goldys, Deputy Director from the Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics was interviewed by The Australian and CH 10 News regarding a new collaboration agreement between Macquarie University and regenerative medicine company Regeneus. The agreement is based on further developing and commercialising CNBP cell selection technology.

Coverage: Talk of a cure for chronic pain

2 November 2015: CNBP Director Mark Hutchinson features in a 7 News report explaining how CNBP science can help with  the diagnosis of chronic pain via the development of a new ‘pain blood test’.    

Coverage: The nose knows best

30 October 2015: Professor Ewa Goldys, Deputy Director from the Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics provided comment to Australian Life Scientist about her recent study which found the colour of neuronal cells in the nose can be used to diagnose for a rare genetic disorder called MELAS syndrome.  

Brant Gibson interview on 3CR

16 October 2015: CNBP CI Brant Gibson talked with radio station 3CR about an event – ‘Up Close and Revealed: Life at the Nanoscale’, a public panel discussion that took place at CNBP’s RMIT node for Melbourne Knowledge Week. You can click through to the 19:50 minute mark (when Brant’s interview begins) or listen to […]

Coverage: Chronic pain may be about rewiring the brain

12 October 2015: CNBP Director Mark Hutchinson is interviewed about chronic pain in this article in the Huffington Post. He explains the differences between acute and chronic pain and notes the need for new approaches – the challenge is to work with a patient to “change that person’s brain so that they are able to feel pain […]

Lost in Science on 3CR

24 September 2015: CNBP CI Andrew Greentree was interviewed for the ‘Lost in Science’ radio show on station 3CR in Melbourne. He was interviewed by Claire Farrugia and discussed Centre activities and his upcoming public lecture, ‘Seeing into the body, one photon at a time’. The interview aired on Thursday 24th September, but is also […]

Profile in STA newsletter

17 September 2015: CNBP researcher Dr Sabrina Heng has been interviewed about her career and passion for science in the latest ‘Science & Technology Australia’ newsletter. She explains that her passion lies in being in an environment where she is contributing towards developing tools for early disease diagnosis. And that she still gets goose bumps when […]

Reversible ion sensing with the flip of a switch

3 August, 2015: Read about the development of new metal ion sensors using microstructured optical fibres in an article written by CNBP researcher Sabrina Heng. Available now, in the latest issue of e-Science Magazine, produced by the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide.  

Morphine and mindfulness podcast

30 July 2014: Find out more about chronic pain in this hour long podcast,  ‘Morphine and Mindfulness – Same Room, Different Windows’, a live recording of a public panel discussion, part of the ‘Art in Pain’ program series. Featuring CNBP Director Mark Hutchinson and other invited panelists, the use  of morphine-type drugs called opiates, as well as therapeutic […]

Coverage: Phone apps take health aids beyond fitness

1 July 2015: CNBP Deputy Director Ewa Goldys is quoted extensively in a Fairfax article (The SMH and The Age) on the use of mobile technology to diagnose illness and disease. Detailed, is Ewa’s view on the increasing use of smart phone technology in this space, as well as a summary of recent CNBP research, […]

Coverage: Smart phone kit detects cystic fibrosis, arthritis biomarkers

27 May 2015: CNBP Deputy Director Ewa Goldys features in a news article published by, which details recent research undertaken by the Centre, demonstrating that smart phones can be reconfigured as portable bioanalytical devices capable of delivering clinically relevant results. See for more information.

Her brilliant career

6 April 2015: Want to know more about Prof Tanya Monro, CNBP Advocate and Chief Investigator? In an inspiring article in COSMOS Magazine, the secret of 42-year-old Tanya Monro’s meteoric rise is described as a high octane mix of intellectual fire with what she herself calls a “massively practical streak”.

CNBP features in COSMOS Magazine

23 March 2015: CNBP researcher Philipp Reineck suggests that we have much to learn from the chameleon and its ability to glow in technicolour. You can read more about chameleons and their masterful use of natural nanotechnology techniques in COSMOS Magazine.  

Collaboration is dead, long live collaboration!

19 March 2015: CNBP Director Mark Hutchinson argues that a more integrated, transdisciplinary research environment is needed – not just in biophotonics but also across multiple physical and medical scientific disciplines as well. Read more in Electro Optics online –

Mark Hutchinson talks about Drug Addiction on Radio Adelaide

1 March 2015 Interview with Professor Mark Hutchinson, Professor of Nanoscale BioPhotonics; Radio Adelaide, Adelaide, Orbit, Ewart Shaw; 01 Mar 2015 09:13AM Hutchinson says a drug addiction has to be maladaptive or bad for the organism to meet the criteria of an addiction. He says the evidence suggests there is the potential to form an addiction to cocaine. […]

Reports plots research course

10 December 2014: In the Media. In this article printed in the Higher Education Section of the Australian – Professor Tanya Monro, CNBP Chief Investigator talks about the need for the Australian research community to engage with Industry. Click here for the full article  

CNBP Director profiled in STA newsletter

4 December 2014: Find out more about Prof Mark Hutchinson. If you would like to find our more about our illustrious leader – take a look at this member profile in the latest edition of the STA newsletter

CNBP on ABC 639

1 December 2014: A/Prof Heike Enbendorff-Heidelpriem on the radio If you were tuning in to ABC 639 today you might have heard CNBP Senior Researcher A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidelpriem talking about the CNBP and her research interests

CNBP visits Port Lincoln High School

25 November 2014: Engaging with regional highs school students A small team of CNBP researcher (A/Prof Andrew Greentree; Dr  Arun Dass, Ms Vicky Staikopoulos and Dr Kathy Nicholson met with over 100 Year 8 and 9 students at Port Lincoln High School to talk about Nanoscale BioPhotonics, Careers in science, and an exploration of physics, and […]

CNBP on various radio stations

21 Nov 2014: Media coverage Minister Susan Close (seen here with CNBP Chief Investigator Prof Tanya Morno) talked on several South Australian Radio stations discussing the Launch of the CNBP.  It is anticipated the story reached abotu 93,000 viewers via these stories alone. Segments included: 5AA, Adelaide: 16:00 News : A $38m research centre has been launched today […]

Media release from the ARC

21 November 2014: Media Release THE Australian Research Council issued a Media release about the Launch of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Nanoscale BioPhotonics  

The Measure of Monro

31 October 2014: The Adelaide Review CNBP Chief Investigator Prof Tanya Monro was profiled in the Adelaide Review “The measure of Monro” in a frank discussion about: her upcoming role as DVCR of UniSA, teh ongoing challenge to capture the minds of young scientists and the importance of amazing teachers.

CNBP researchers profiled in ARC Annual report

October 2014:  Other research by CNBP researchers CNBP Researcher Dr Georgios Tsiminis and Chief Investigator A/Prof Dayong Jin (pictured in this blog) are profiled on pages 24 and 25 of the ARC annual report. Find out more about their non-CNBP research here

Prof Tanya Monro on ABC TV

15 Sept 2014: CNBP Researcher on Morning Television If you were watching ABC TV at 8am you may have seen Professor Tanya Monro speaking about the upcoming RiAus Science Inspiration to be hosted this Wednesday. For more information about the Science Inspiration click here

Tanya Monro talks to the Sunday Mail

 14 September 2014: Who is Tanya Monro Want to find out more about CNBP Chief Investigator Professor Tanya Monro?  She talks to the  Sunday Mail about her love of physics, photonics and music – and describes why she thinks her job is awesome.    

CNBP Researcher in the News

31 August 2014:  Dr Stephen Warren-Smith – South Australian Adventurer of the Year Dr Stephen Warren-Smith was named SA Adventurer of the Year 2014.  His adventure and scientific prowess was profiled in the  Sunday Mail.  See here for the full article

Postgraduate Students Guide

August 2014:  2014 Postgraduate Survival Guide Prof Tanya Monro talks about opportunities for individuals to pursue their passion for fundamental science on page 30 of this years Postgraduate-Survival-guide.  She also highlights that the Centre is looking for postgraduate students to join their growing team.
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