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A truly multidisciplinary team working together to develop new tools to measue and sense inside the dynamic, messy environment of the living cell

Postdoctoral Positions

PhD Scholarships at RMIT Node

PhD Scholarships at Macquarie University Node

Other PhD Positions

Postdoctoral Positions

All postdoctoral positions are currently filled.

RMIT PhD Scholarship

PhD scholarships are available within the RMIT Node.  You will be based at the Department of Physics at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, and work on experimental and/or theoretical projects in the field of fluorescent nanoparticles for bioimaging and sensing applications.

Our goal is to develop advanced optical materials that efficiently deliver and collect light to and from cells and molecules locally. This will allow us to non-invasively probe individual interacting biomolecules and living cells by using nanoparticle-based sensors.

The PhD scholarships described here will be part of the Illuminate and Measure themes of the centre. Collaboratiing with CNBP researchers at the University of Adelaide and Macquarie University in Sydney will be an integral part of all projects. 

If you are interested, and a curious and motivated graduate in physics, chemistry or related discipline with a background in nanomaterials science and/or optics, please send your CV and a short (1 page) letter of motivation to:

Prof Andrew Greentree – Theory:, Tel +61 3 9925 3111
A/Prof Brant Gibson – Experiment:, Tel +61 3 9925 3649
Information on scholarships:


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PhD Students: An enriching PhD Experience

The Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP), an ARC Centre of Excellence, actively encourages exceptional students to enrol in PhD studies under the supervision of its leading investigators, at its research nodes located around Australia (the University of Adelaide, Macquarie University - Sydney and RMIT University - Melbourne).

With CNBP’s team of high calibre researchers, professional and technical staff, PhD students are offered an enriched educational experience, access to internationally recognised research leaders who can offer supervision at the very highest of standards, as well as access to world-class infrastructure and facilities.

Committed to research excellence, and a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, the CNBP offers supervised opportunities for students in biophotonic relevant areas, including physics, chemistry, nanotechnology, biology and medicine. Successful students will gain the skills, knowledge and experience that will help them prepare for professional careers in both academic and non-academic environments.

To find out more about PhD opportunities, review CNBP’s research focus and make contact with the relevant CNBP Chief Investigator.

The CNBP is:

  • supporting postgraduate learning and development in the exciting and interdisciplinary field of nanoscale biophotonics
  • driving the development of new light based sensing tools that can measure processes at the nanoscale - providing powerful new ways of understanding cellular processes within the living body
  • committed to research excellence and the advancement of Australian research and innovation globally
  • dedicated to its four key principles – Academic Excellence, Commercial Impact, Quality Communication and a Nurturing Environment


General information about post graduate research opportunities are available at the following University web sites:

PhD Scholarships at Macquarie University Node

CNBP relevant PhD scholarships are currently available within the Macquarie University Node. Click here for more information (Search under the Faculty of Science and Engineering category). 

The Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics links Australia's key nanophotonics groups and builds on Global Collaborations with a focus on doing the science required to advance biology.