Commercialisation overview

At the CNBP translational urgency and addressing commercial industry needs are central to our technology development. 

We are committed to providing deployable solutions through successful translation of our ‘light-based’ sensing, imaging and discovery expertise.

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At the CNBP, we are here to facilitate the effective and efficient adoption of our research outcomes into products and services that can create a commercial return and positively impact society.

Our process is simple—to engage early with industry partners, to fully understand their market needs and to then provide solutions which will positively impact on the bottom line. 

As such, we employ a range of technology transfer and IP investment approaches across differing market sectors to openly facilitate successful commercial outcomes
with our partners.

Areas of application include next-generation tools that can Sense and Image at a molecular level—in the longer term to create clinical point-of-care diagnostics, particularly in our focus research program areas of Reproductive Success, Vascular Health and Persistent Pain. 

However, our approaches have broad applications across the veterinary, animal healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing and food production sectors as well.

At the CNBP we want to engage early with our commercial partners, to cultivate a collaborative approach, to develop solutions together, to increase knowledge and to have a meaningful and real-world impact.

For us, the commercialisation process starts on the very first day of our projects.

We engage proactively with industry from the paddock to the plate, and from the factory floor to the boardroom to identify information gaps within systems.

We then deliver the measurement solutions that support decision making processes—that add to business efficiency, creating commercial return and impact.

Below. A new smart needle to let surgeons see at-risk blood vessels during biopsies.

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