2014 News


Japan Atomic Energy Agency visits RMIT

18 December 2014: Visitors. Visitors from Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), University of Tsukuba and University of Melbourne colleagues visited the MicroNano Research Facility at RMIT. Discussions included strategies for the creation and optimisation of fluorescent color centres in diamond.

CNBP seminar – Macquarie University

17 December 2014: Local Event Visiting Researcher Professor Sergey Deyev delivered a seminar at Macquarie Node entitled: Multifunctional nanoconstructs for bioimaging and therapy. Summary: Numerous self-assembly systems have been designed, which allow for control of assembly-disassembly with relatively gentle stimuli. These have applications for the construction of “smart” materials for a number of applications (drug delivery, […]

Nanoparticles, velcro, marbles and a hot glue gun

16 December 2014 :Science Communication workshop. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein. On December 15-16th, 9 CNBP ECRs from University of Adelaide,  RMIT University, Macquarie University and SAHMRI attended a science communication workshop at the Questacon workshop (Canberra) and were taught the importance of translating their […]

Prof Sergey Deyev visits Macquaire Node

15 Dec 2014 – 15 January 2015: Visitor Professor Sergey Deyev from the Institute of Bioogranic Chemistry, Moscow will visit the CNBP Macquarie Node between 15 December 2014 and 15 January 2015. Professor Deyev is visiting Prof Ewa Goldys and our AI Andrei Zvyagin Biography highlights Professor Deyev graduated Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Chemistry, […]

Welcome Dr Daniel Drumm to the CNBP

15 December 2014: New member of the RMIT Node. The CNBP are pleased to welcome Dr Daniel Drumm to the team.  Dan will be joining the Measure Team with Prof Andrew Greentree based at RMIT University

Go8 German Research Cooperative Grant

15 December 2014: New grant funding. Congratulations to CNBP researchers A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem and colleague Dr Jiangbo (Tim) Zhao  for the being awarded funding under the 2015-2016 Group of Eight Australia – Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme for the project “Incorporating Pd nanoparticles into fibre for plasmon-enhanced UV-blue photonic devices” ($20k awarded). This scheme is a joint initiative of […]

Early Career Researcher Award

15 December 2014: Congratulations to Dr Stephen Warren Smith Congratulations to Dr Stephen Warren Smith who was awarded the University of Adelaide Faculty of sciences Daniel Walker Medial awarded annually to the best Early Career Researcher in the Faculty

CNBP-themed Research Conference at Macquarie University

12 December 2014: They just could not stop talking! Finishing 2014 on a high note the Macquarie CNBP node organized a CNBP-themed  MQ BioFocus Research Conference on 10 December. An ECR-led Conference Committee comprising Dr Wei Deng, Ms K. Drozdowicz-Tomsia, and Dr Varun Sreenivasan put together an exciting program of talks and posters, covering disciplines […]

Dr Andrew Brown, Senior Director, SPIE visits CNBP

11 December 2014:  Each day at CNBP brings a new highlight! Today, Senior Director of SPIE, Dr Andrew Brown visited the CNBP node at Macquarie. SPIE the international society for optics and photonics is the key professional organisation set to promote and develop the light-based science and technology as well as the whole spectrum of […]

Reports plots research course

10 December 2014: In the Media. In this article printed in the Higher Education Section of the Australian – Professor Tanya Monro, CNBP Chief Investigator talks about the need for the Australian research community to engage with Industry. Click here for the full article  

Welcome Philipp Reineck to the CNBP team at RMIT

8 December 2014: New CNBP post-doc at RMIT University Today the RMIT node of the CNBP welcomed researcher Dr Philipp Reineck to the team. Philipp will be working in the area of optimisation, enhancement and control of emission from fluorescent nanoparticles for biophotonic applications within the “Illuminate” theme.

Macquaire BioFocus Research Centre Conference

7 December 2014: Upcoming event The Macquarie BioFocus Research Centre is organising a conference in bringing together academics from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine from within Macquarie and other local institutions. See http://biofocus.science.mq.edu.au/eventsandnews/events/2014-conference/ for details. Registration is free, and all are welcome to attend.

Nanoscale BioPhotonics satellite meeting Friday 12th December 2014, Melbourne

12 December 2014: Upcoming Workshop A half-day satellite workshop on Friday 12th December 2014 at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia will follow the international ASCEPT-MPGPCR meeting. The aim of this workshop is to introduce the interdisciplinary approaches adopted by physicists, chemists and biologists to address fundamental and novel biological questions. Key cutting-edge technologies exclusive to the […]

CNBP Director profiled in STA newsletter

4 December 2014: Find out more about Prof Mark Hutchinson. If you would like to find our more about our illustrious leader – take a look at this member profile in the latest edition of the STA newsletter

Prof Jim Piper elected STA President

4 December 2014: Congratulations Congratulations to Professor Jim Piper who has been elected president of Science Technology Australia (STA). Science & Technology Australia represents Australia’s scientists and technologists – promoting their views on a wide range of policy issues to government, industry and the community.  

CNBP researchers shine new light on stroke events inside the brain

3 December 2014:  Publication Recently published paper from CNBP researchers using optical fibres to monitor the evolution of processes relating to ischaemic stroke by measuring the activation of a fluorescent photosensitive dye inside the brain of living mice in real time. Researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) have demonstrated that […]

2014 OSA Optics & Photonics Congress on Light, Energy and the Environment

2 December 2014: Invited Talk CNBP Senior Researcher A/Prof Heike Ebendorff gave an invited talk at the ‘2014 OSA Optics & Photonics Congress on Light, Energy and the Environment” in Canberra. Heike’s  presentation ‘Suspended Core Optical Fibres: New Tools for Sensing Chemicals, Biomolecules and Temperature” reviewed the opportunities of  using suspended core optical fibers with […]

CNBP on ABC 639

1 December 2014: A/Prof Heike Enbendorff-Heidelpriem on the radio If you were tuning in to ABC 639 today you might have heard CNBP Senior Researcher A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidelpriem talking about the CNBP and her research interests

Frontier Technologies for Nervous System Function and Repair

30 November 2014: Invited Presentation CNBP researcher Dr Sanam Mustafa was an  invited speaker at the Mount Lofty workshop. Her talk, “Nanoscale Biophotonics: A multidisciplinary approach to future proofing drug discovery” highlighted opportunities for developing high-throughput, cost-effective technologies for drug discovery. On 28th-30th November, the Mt Lofty Workshop on Frontier Technologies for Nervous System Function and […]

Encouraging future scientists

November 2014: High School Work Experience Mr Julian Greentree spent a week in the neuroimmunopharmacology laboratory working with CNBP researchers Ms Vicky Staikopoulos and Dr Sanam Mustafa. During this time Julian was trained in cell culture techniques and novel clearing histological techniques in the development phases for later rollout in biophotonics projects.

Large scale production of biocompatible nano-alumina

7 December 2014: Manuscript  accepted in Langmuir Large-scale production and characterisation of biocompatible colloidal nano-alumina Wan Aizuddin bin W Razali , Varun K. A. Sreenivasan , Ewa M. Goldys , and Andrei V Zvyagin Abstract: Rapid uptake of nanomaterials in Life Sciences calls for the development of universal, high-yield techniques for their production and interfacing with biomolecules. […]

Researchers tour the Braggs

28 November 2014: KOALA conference attendees tour the Braggs Young researchers from across Australia toured facilities including Fibre lasers, Atmospheric sensing, bio sensing, chem sensing, fibre fabrication, 3D printing and precision measurement labs at the Braggs.

IUSAP General Assembly – Singapore

5-7 November 2014: Invited Speaker Prof Tanya Monro attended the  28th General Assembly of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. She gave a keynote presentation during the public session on November 7th

Social Media report from the CNBP Launch and Retreat

November 2014: Find out what really happened at the CNBP Retreat Thanks to Dr Mel McDowall we have a social media report from the CNBP Annual Retreat.   Friday 21 November – CNBP Launch and Retreat Welcome Reception Saturday November 22nd – Day 1 of the retreat – Science and Social Activities Sunday November 23rd – Day 2 of […]

Joint International Grant with CNBP Partner UHN

26 November 2014: $100,000 grant for University Health Network (Toronto) and CNBP We are delighted to announce a new chapter in CNBP relationship with our Partner Organisation, the University Health Network (Toronto) with the award of new joint funding by an overseas agency Pancreatic Cancer Canada. The project entitled “Synchronous radiotherapy enhancement of pancreatic cancer […]

CNBP visits Port Lincoln High School

25 November 2014: Engaging with regional highs school students A small team of CNBP researcher (A/Prof Andrew Greentree; Dr  Arun Dass, Ms Vicky Staikopoulos and Dr Kathy Nicholson met with over 100 Year 8 and 9 students at Port Lincoln High School to talk about Nanoscale BioPhotonics, Careers in science, and an exploration of physics, and […]

How social media can help your career

23 November 2014: What can social media do for you A Professional Development activity was hosted by Mike Seyfang and CNBP COO Kathy Nicholson at the Centres Annual retreat. Researchers were encouraged to engage with various different social media networks as a career advancing move and to assist with the CNBP communication strategy.

CNBP on various radio stations

21 Nov 2014: Media coverage Minister Susan Close (seen here with CNBP Chief Investigator Prof Tanya Morno) talked on several South Australian Radio stations discussing the Launch of the CNBP.  It is anticipated the story reached abotu 93,000 viewers via these stories alone. Segments included: 5AA, Adelaide: 16:00 News : A $38m research centre has been launched today […]

Media release – $38M Centre

21 November 2014: new tools for ‘seeing’ into the body. New tools for ‘seeing’ inside the living human body at the cellular level will be developed at a $38 million research centre being launched at the University of Adelaide today. Click here for the full press release

Media release from the ARC

21 November 2014: Media Release THE Australian Research Council issued a Media release about the Launch of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Nanoscale BioPhotonics  

Dr Mustafa visits key collaborators at Macquarie University

20 October 2014: Dr Mustafa visit key collaborators at Macquarie University to discuss novel and interdisciplinary projects. During her visit to Macquarie University, Dr Mustafa met with Prof Ewa Goldys and Dr Ayad Anwer to discuss the progress of a collaborative project. During her visit, Dr Mustafa shared her expertise in cell culture with Dr […]

Travel award won by Dr Sanam Mustafa

14 November 2014: International ASCEPT-MPGPCR meeting Congratulations to Dr Sanam Mustafa who has been awarded $500 by the Adelaide Pharmacology Group to attend the International ASCEPT-MPGPCR meeting in Melbourne.  

Quantum Nanodiamonds: Andy Greentree gives presentation at the Vernier Society

13 November 2014  : Public lecture given to Vernier Society. Prof Andy Greentree gave a public lecture to the Victorian Vernier Society at the Kooyong Tennis Club, Melbourne, entitled “Quantum nanodiamonds: New materials, new opportunities, new science, new technology”. The Vernier Society’s mission is to promote manufacturing excellence, and the audience was impressed with Andy’s vision […]

Endeavour Executive Fellow Professor Montarop Yamabhai hosted in CNBP in early 2015

November 10 2014 – Good News Item Professor Montarop Yamabhai, Chairperson of School of Biotechnology from the Suranaree University of Technology in Thailand received a prestigious Executive Endeavour Fellowship to spend  2 months of sabbatical leave in a CNBP laboratory working with Professor Ewa Goldys. Prof. Yamabhai’s expertise is in the field of molecular biotechnology […]

Optical Society Award to Prof Tanya Monro

12 November 2014: Beattie Steel Medal The Australian Optical Society awarded CNBP Chief Investigator Professor Tanya Monro the 2014 AOS WH (Beattie) Steel Medal in recognition of her leadership and signal contribution to the field of optics, particularly in the realm of micro-structured optical fibres constructed from a variety of glass materials. Congratulations to Tanya!

Prof Jeremy Thompson seminar to Fertility SA

5 November 2014: End User Engagement Prof Jeremy Thompson gave a talk entitled ‘The ovarian antral follicle: Living on the edge of hypoxia’ at Fertility SA Fertility SA is an Adelaide based IVF and fertility clinic providing patient-centred, specialist fertility care to families in South Australia.

South Australian High Throughput Screening Facility

5 November 2014: Successful ARC LIEF grant Congratulation to the team including CNBP Chief Investigator Prof Andrew Abell for their $860,000 grant Michael, Dr Michael Z; Booker, A/Prof Grant W; Venter, Dr Henrietta; Pitson, Prof Stuart M; McKinnon, Prof Ross A; Abell, Prof Andrew D; Soole, A/Prof Kathleen L; Sykes, Prof Pamela J; Bruning, Dr John […]

Successful ARC LIEF Grant

5 November 2014: $440,000 awarded for National live cell scanning platform for nano particle tracking. Congratulations to A/Prof Dayong Jin i n leading the bid team for their $440,000 grant! Jin, A/Prof Dayong; Monro, Prof Tanya M; Braet, A/Prof Filip C; Gibson, Dr Brant C; Paulsen, Prof Ian T; Traini, A/Prof Daniela; Hutchinson, A/Prof Mark R; Greentree, […]

Successful ARC Grant

5 November 2014: Advanced capabilities for surface engineering and nanolithography Congratulations to CNBP researcher A/Prof HEike Ebendorff and colleagues for their successful ARC Discovery Grant worth $330,000 Losic, Prof Dusan; Shapter, Prof Joseph G; Nann, Prof Thomas; Abbott, Prof Derek; Nyden, Prof Magnus; Skinner, Prof William M; Ellis, Prof Amanda V; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, A/Prof Heike; Quinton, A/Prof […]

Strategies for busy researchers

3 November 2014: Professional Development Hugh Kearns is recognised internationally as a public speaker, educator and researcher. The workshop covered three main areas: Time for research Turbocharge your writing Shameless self-promotion Thanks to the School of Health Sciences for inviting us to join this session.

Merit Scholars join CNBP at Macquarie

1 November 2014: Summary scholarships for Undergraduates Mr Dean Southwood and Ms Claudia Cammarata have received Merit Scholar Research Scholarships to work with with CNBP researchers Helen Deng and Prof Ewa Goldys on the project “Liposome nanoparticles for photodynamic therapy of cancer cells”.

The Measure of Monro

31 October 2014: The Adelaide Review CNBP Chief Investigator Prof Tanya Monro was profiled in the Adelaide Review “The measure of Monro” in a frank discussion about: her upcoming role as DVCR of UniSA, teh ongoing challenge to capture the minds of young scientists and the importance of amazing teachers.

Dr Christian Leiterer joing CNBP Macquarie on a visiting Fellowship

31 October 2014: Welcome Dr Leiterer. Dr Christian Leiterer from the Institute for Photonic Technology in Jena Germany (IPHT)  has been funded to  undertake a 12 month German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) research fellowship in 2014. His research will focus on the development of a microfluidic device for the separation of non-polar biomarkers.

CNBP researchers profiled in ARC Annual report

October 2014:  Other research by CNBP researchers CNBP Researcher Dr Georgios Tsiminis and Chief Investigator A/Prof Dayong Jin (pictured in this blog) are profiled on pages 24 and 25 of the ARC annual report. Find out more about their non-CNBP research here

Prof Mark Hutchinson wow’s first year students

 20 October 2014: FIGJAM award Professor Hutchinson was awarded the coveted University of Adelaide “Fig Jam Award” from first year science coordinator Dr Velta Vingelis for a recent lecture to undergraduate students.  In the words of Dr Vingelis:  I also know for a fact that kids were all amazed and that many will be emailing you, […]

Forming new collaborations

 20 October 2014:  Building relationships During her recent trip to Macquarie University Dr Sanam Mustafa met with Prof Gilles Guillemin to discuss future collaborative projects. Professor Guillemin is Professor of Neurosciences at Macquarie University. He heads one of the world’s leading research groups working on neuroactive (toxic or protective) metabolites derived from tryptophan.

Communicating across the disciplines

17 October 2014: Robinson Institute Seminar CNBP Chief Investigator Prof Andrew Abell delivered a seminar to the Robinson’s Institute at the University of Adelaide entitled ‘A chemists approach to solving problems in biology’

Bio21 in Melbourne

October 16 – Invited Talk Dr Brant Gibson presented on the topic Nanodiamond for BioPhotonic and Hybrid-Photonic applications SISRF Workshop – Bio21 Institution at the University of Melbourne

Networking for Potential PhD Candidates

15 October 2014: Information showcase for 3rd year students CNBP researchers Dr Georgios Tsiminis and AI Sharaam Afshar joined other University of Adelaide physicists to talk to third year Physics students about postgraduate opportunities.

Publication in Scientific Reports

13 October 2014: Time Gated Luminescence Practical Implementation, Characterization and Applications of a Multi-Colour Time-Gated Luminescence Microscope Authors: Lixin Zhang,  Xianlin Zheng, Wei Deng, Yiqing Lu, Severine Lechevallier, Zhiqiang  Ye, Ewa M. Goldys, Judith M. Dawes, James A. Piper, Jingli Yuan, Marc Verelst & Dayong Jin For the article see: Scientific Reports 4,: 6597  

CSC Fellowship for Dr Kai Zhang to join Macquarie Node

October 2014:  1- year fellowship Dr Kai Zhang from Jilin University has been funded by the CSC to undertake a 1 year Fellowship with Goldys. Dr Zhang has been working with Professor Bai Yang (U. Jilin), a leading expert at the interface of nanotechnology and chemistry.

Dr Sabrina Heng to speak at RACI event

3 October 2014: Invited Talk at RACI Division of Interfaces, Colloids and Nanomaterials symposium “Nanochemistry for Life” is a series of one day symposia. They are an opportunity to network with researchers in this field and for chemistry students to learn about current challenges and meet potential supervisors and colleagues.  Our speakers will include leading […]

CNBP applies to be part of Vivid Sydney

    October 2014: Science – Art opportunities Our research has a particularly powerful narrative of creating new windows to the body. Here we express it through the medium of art. Art captures deeper connections beyond the known while scientific investigation navigates between the known and unknown. To reflect these ideas we brought together a team of artists and […]

Superdot Clarity Poster

3 October 2014 – Information sharing with the Scientific community. Vicky Staikopoulos presented her research in a  poster at Flinders University as pat of an annual CNS Collaborators Day workshop.  

Publication – American Journal of Physiology

1 October 2014: Publication Optogenetics, the intersection between physics and neuroscience: Light stimulation of neurons in physiological conditions Wei Deng , Ewa M. Goldys , Melissa MJ Farnham , Paul M. Pilowsky American Journal of Physiology – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology Published 1 October 2014 Vol. no. , DOI:10.1152/ajpregu.00072.2014 The Abstract can be viewed on PubMed here

Opportunities for future scientists

29 – 30 September 2014 – Work Experience.  Ms Amy Beecham from St Dominic’s Priory College spent 2 -days with the Spark of Life Biological Challenge working with Ms Lesley Ritter. During this time Amy had the opportunity to observe and participate in bovine ovary aspiration, oocyte collection, bovine IVF, cell culture, and protein purification. […]

Fortnightly Sensing Meetings at University of Adelaide

October 2014: Sensing Meetings Sensing meetings will be held at the University of Adelaide every second Thursday (10:30 -11:30) in the Braggs Building 2.14 The idea is that one or two members of the theme will be chosen to present a brief (strictly no more than 15 min) talk about either their work or on […]

Highly Cited Sticker on web of Science

30 September 2014: Nature Nanotech Paper Highly Cited Congratulations to the team who published Nature Nanotechnology Paper ” Single-nanocrystal sensitivity achieved by enhanced upconversion luminescence” for receiving a highly cited sticker on web of science.  

Publication in the Analyst

29 September 2014: Minireview from CNBP researchers Chemical sensing with nanoparticles as optical reporters: from noble metal nanoparticles to quantum dots and upconverting nanoparticles by Wei Deng and Ewa Goldys Click here for the full article

High School Students visit the University of Adelaide

26 September 2014: Prof Tanya Monro inspiring future scientists 110 high school students from Adelaide High School and Seymour College converged at the University of Adelaide to be inspired by Prof Tanya Monro and Prof Andrew McKinnon.  Students were also participated in a tour of the Braggs building, including glass fabrication labs and other University […]

Poster presentation – Introducing “Cell on a tip”

25 September 2014:  Florey International Postgraduate Research Conference Dr Sanam Mustafa presented her current CNBP related research at the Florey International Postgraduate Research Conference. Here she presented a poster detailing the potential applications and benefits of developing a “cell on a tip” live cell optical fibre tip sensor.  

CNBP represented at the UoA Faculty of Health Sciences Research Day

23 September 2014: Invited Talk Dr Sanam Mustafa was invited to speak at the Faculty of Health Sciences Research Presentation Day where she discussed the current limitations in technologies used to investigate G protein-coupled receptor signalling and the potential applications of CNBP technologies to this field.

International Visiting fellow at Adelaide Node

October 2014: Dr Nelida Rodriguez. Dr Nelida Rodrigues has been visiting the Adelaide Node of the CNBP since Feb 2014 working on a 1-year project : Cattle oocyte in vitro maturation using cAMP modulators; Effect on development and embryo epigenetic markers working with CNBP Chief Investigator Prof Jeremy Thompson and the Spark of Life Team Dr Rodriguez-Osorio […]

Stem Cell Network Workshop

23 September 2014: Invited talk Prof Ewa Goldys  delivered an invited talk at the 21st Stem Cell Network workshop on 23 September at the Darlington Centre.  The workshop theme was Bioengineering and Stem cells.

Finalist in the Young Scopus Research Awards

September 2014: Congratulations to Prof Mark Hutchinson Prof Mark Hutchinson was a finalist for the Life Sciences and Biological Sciences Young Scopus Resarcher Awards 2014. More information about the Scopus awards can be found here

Professor Tanya Monro delivers the 2014 RiAus Science Inspiration

17 September 2014: Science Inspiration for Young Australians Formerly known as the October Lecture, the annual Science Inspiration presentation is an RiAus premium event for students featuring high profile speakers who have made a significant contribution to science.  For more information please go to the RiAus website. Professor Monro’s oration reached a morning audience of […]

Prof Tanya Monro on ABC TV

15 Sept 2014: CNBP Researcher on Morning Television If you were watching ABC TV at 8am you may have seen Professor Tanya Monro speaking about the upcoming RiAus Science Inspiration to be hosted this Wednesday. For more information about the Science Inspiration click here

Viewpoint Publication by A/Prof Andy Greentree

11 September 2014: Viewpoint: Diamons and Siliacon Get Entangled Physics 7, 93 (2014)  |  DOI: 10.1103/Physics.7.93 Two silicon-vacancy centers in diamond can emit photons that are indistinguishable—suggesting they have potential as building blocks for a diamond-based quantum computer. Please click here to see the full article  

Tanya Monro talks to the Sunday Mail

 14 September 2014: Who is Tanya Monro Want to find out more about CNBP Chief Investigator Professor Tanya Monro?  She talks to the  Sunday Mail about her love of physics, photonics and music – and describes why she thinks her job is awesome.    

Science in the Pub with A/Prof Mark Hutchinson

8 September 2014: Community Outreach – Your “Other Brain” and Pain A/Prof Mark Hutchinson entertained an audience of over 120 members of the general public with an entertaining presentation at the Brunswick Hotel, Adelaide.

International Sialogyco Conference

7 September 2014: CNBP Chief Investigator Nicki Packer attended the International Sialoglyco 2014 Conference, hosted by the Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University, Australia. She gave an invited talk titled, “Sialyl Lewis X conjugated nanodiamonds for vascular targeting.” The conference took place 7-9 September 2014.

Publication – Journal of the American Chemical Society

September 2014 – Journal of the American Chemical Society Unraveling the interplay of backbone rigidity and electron rich side-chains on electron transfer in peptides: the realization of tunable molecular wires. Horsley JR, Yu J, Moore KE, Shapter JG, Abell AD. J Am Chem Soc. 2014 Sep 3; 136(35):12479-88 For the full article please click here […]

Prof Andrew Abell joins the Editorial Board for Journal of Chemistry and Applications

3 September 2014: New Editorial Board Member Prof Andrew Abell joins the Editorial Board for the  Jorunal of Chemistry and Applications. The Journal of Chemistry and Applications is an online Open Access peer reviewed journal that provides access to the current research and emerging scientific information pertaining to multidisciplinary areas of chemistry. Journal of Chemistry […]

CNBP Annual Retreat

21-24 November 2014: CNBP Annual Retreat in Port Lincoln The CNBP will host our first annual retreat in Port Lincoln, South Australia.  Attendees will travel together departing at the conclusion of the Centre Launch Celebration. All CNBP staff, students and Partners will receive an invitation to join. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss the […]

Technology Transfer Summit

3 September 2014: Invited Speaker Prof Tanya Monro joined a panel of international experts to discuss International development of tech transfer: How to break down those barriers and develop mutually beneficial collaborative projects at the BioSA Technology Transfer Summit

Prof Monro speaks at University of Melbourne Physics Colloqium

2 September 2014:  Nanoscale BioPhotonics: new approaches to measurement opening windows into the body Recent advances at the intersection of optical physics, surface science and nanofabrication will be presented. These converging areas of research are driving our capacity to make measurements in regions that are typically difficult to access. For example, optical glasses and fibres […]

Nanoscale Biophotonics Workshop – Dec 2014

12 December 2014: ASCEPT0 MPGCR Satellite Meeting Time: 08:30 – 13:00 Venue: Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 381 Royal Parade, Parkville VIC, 3052 Cost: $25 (morning tea included) Facilitator: Dr Sanam Mustafa, ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics, University of Adelaide Register at: www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=13907 This half-day workshop will introduce the interdisciplinary approaches adopted by […]

Windows into the Body

August 2014: New windows into the body are being opened at the Macquarie CNBP node working with industry partners. Macquarie node of CNBP develops a hyperspectral imaging technology which is being applied to the three CNBP Biological Challenges within our program. Within this approach cells are illuminated at a variety of colours and their native […]

CNBP Researcher in the News

31 August 2014:  Dr Stephen Warren-Smith – South Australian Adventurer of the Year Dr Stephen Warren-Smith was named SA Adventurer of the Year 2014.  His adventure and scientific prowess was profiled in the  Sunday Mail.  See here for the full article

Congratulations to A/Prof Jeremy Thompson

September 2014: NHMRC Fellowship for A/Prof Jeremy Thompson A/Prof Jeremy Thompson was awarded $750,810 for the highly competitive NHMRC Research Fellowship “New insights into oocyte and embryo health” (2015-2019).

Sponsorship from BMG for Nanoscale BioPhotonics workshop

28 August 2014: Thank-you BMG Dr Sanam Mustafa has secured $1000 in sponsorship from BMG LABTECH for Nanoscale BioPhotonics workshop to be hosted in Melbourne in Dec 2014. BMG LABTECH is a leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, and reliable microplate reader instrumentation. BMG LABTECH has been committed to producing microplate readers for […]

Best Oral Presentation Award at Society for Reproductive Biology Conference

24-27 August 2014: Conference presentation Dr Melanie Sutton-McDowall presented at the Society for Reproductive Biology Conference.  This presentation entitled “The heterogeneous nature of cow embryos: sorting out the mixed bag of blastomeres” was awarded the Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) New Scientist Award (oral presentation).  For more information please click here to see the abstract. […]

Postgraduate Students Guide

August 2014:  2014 Postgraduate Survival Guide Prof Tanya Monro talks about opportunities for individuals to pursue their passion for fundamental science on page 30 of this years Postgraduate-Survival-guide.  She also highlights that the Centre is looking for postgraduate students to join their growing team.

A/Prof Mark Hutchinson visits University of Melbourne

8 August 2014: Invited Seminar at the University of Melbourne A/Prof Mark Hutchinson visited the University of Melbourne, delivering a seminar on the topic: What is the Role of “The Other Brain” in Chronic Pain? In this seminar he reviewed the recent discoveries of how innate immune signalling within the brain and spinal cord facilitate […]

CNBP visits RMITs new Micro Nano Facility

August 23 2014:  Our design award for the new Research Facilities at the RMIT Node of CNBP Members of CNBP received a behind the scenes tour of the new Micro Nano Research Facility at RMIT. Over a 1000 square meters of newly refurbished labs houses leading edge equipment for research in the area of chip […]

New international grant

August 2014: National Nature Science Foundation of China Congratulations to A/Prof Dayong Jin for the recently announced grant “upconversion nanomaterials for super resolution nanoscopy from the  National Nature Science Foundation (NNSF) of China.  The grant of 200k RMB for 2 years was awarded under the International Collaboration Visiting Professorship Award Scheme in collaboration with Prof […]

CNBP ECR Network Commences

21 August 2014: CNBP ECR Network Early career researchers from University of Adelaide Node held their first meeting with the goal of breaking down the language barriers between disciplines.  Meetings will be hosted monthly with the goal of linking in with ECRs at other nodes in the future. If you would like find out more […]

National Science Week – Career Talk

11 August 2014: Outreach to Schools Dr Kathy Nicholson gave a presentation to high-school students at Seymoyur College discussing her career from a science graduate to her current role as Chief Operating Officer of the CNBP; with time spent as a postdoctoral scientist in New York City and travelling the world managing International science conferences.

Engaging with the Community at Science Alive!

10 August 2014: National Science Week Activity Science Alive! Science Alive! is one of Australia’s premier science and technology Expos with over 50 science-related organizations offering hands-on fun for all ages. Dazzling science, animal and magic shows will have children entranced and it will be the event they never want to leave. Professor Andrew Abell […]

Research Update from CI Goldys

7 August 2014: New update from Macquarie August promises to be an eventful month for CNBP. On the 6th of August, Ewa established a new collaboration with ETH in the area of SPAD arrays. These devices have applications for real-time fluorescence lifetime imaging. The idea is to use them as a version of Google glass […]

Welcome Aziz Rehman and Piotr Wargocki to the CNBP team

7 August 2014:New CNBP Members at Macquarie Today the Macquarie node of CNBP welcomed two budding researchers Aziz Rehmann and Piotr Wojdecki. Aziz is our new PhD student being supervised by Professor Ewa Goldys, Deputy Director of CNBP. His program will contribute to noninvasive sensing of biological systems within the “Detect“ theme. Piotr is working […]

Publication in LaserFocusWorld

7 August 2014: Microstrcutures Fibers: Microstructured-fiber properties and remote-sensing capabilities ERIK SCHARTNER, HEIKE EBENDORFF-HEIDEPRIEM, and TANYA MONRO ABSTRACT:  Microstructured fibers are filled with extremely bright rare-earth-doped nanocrystals (Superdots), the tailored-fiber geometry and bright particles significantly increase nanoparticle detection sensitivity in difficult-to-access locations.  For the full article please click here

International Fellow to join CNBP Macquaire

6 August 2014: Dr Christian Leiterer from IPHT Jena Dr Christian. Leiterer from the Institute for Photonic Technology in Jena Germany (IPHT) Macquarie University has been funded to undertake a 6 month research fellowship in 2014 at the Macquarie Node of CNBP . The competitive Fellowship is provided by German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) . […]

A/Prof Ebendorff visits City University London

6 August 2014: Invited Seminar A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem visited Prof Tong Sung at City University London delivering a seminar “Pushing the limits in glass properties and structures for laser, sensing and nonlinearity applications”  The full abstract can be seen here

Newspaper Article about 3D printing capabilities

29 July 2014: Public Outreach CNBP researchers were profiled in an article in the South Australian Advertiser to promote new 3D printing capabilities and the opportunities for Industry.  For more information please see the full article here  

Industry Talk – the Brain

28 July 2014: A/Prof Hutchinson talks about the Brain at a Pfizer event in Perth A/Prof Mark Hutchinson spoke at a Pfizer event.  The event was called: “The Brain: How we view persistent pain and what does this mean for futher tratments.

A/Prof Mark Hutchinson talks about Pain and Addiction

29 July 2014: Invited seminar at the Happy Perkins Institute of Medical Research A/Prof Mark Hutchinson delivered an invited seminar ‘The TOLL of knowing you are sick: Implications for pain and addiction” as part of the Bupa Seminar Series at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Reseach.  The full abstract can be seen here

Sixth International Conference on Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Materials and Applications

29 July 2014: Invited talk at ICOOPMA A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem gave an invited talk “Progress in extending non-silica glass properties and fiber fabrication” at ICOOPMA ; Leeds 2014. ABSTRACT: Non-silica glasses have demonstrated growing interest in recent years for nonlinear processing, mid-infrared lasing and sensing applications due to their extended properties relative to silica glass. […]

NSW Health and Medical Hubs Forum

29 July 2014: Government Briefing Prof Ewa GoldysDeputy Director of CNBP Professor Ewa Goldys and Professor Nicki Packer attended the NSW  Health and Medical Research Hubs Forum on 29 July 2014 at the Harborview North Hotel, Sydney. Ewa and Nicki are official Members of Northern Sydney Research Hub led by Professor Carol Pollock, Research Director, […]

Nanophotonics for undergraduates at Macquarie

29 July 2014: Formal lectures in  nanobiophotonics  will commence this coming Monday at Macquarie University. This formal unit of study (PHYS 704) covers current research directions at the interface of nanotechnology and biophotonics, addressing a common gap in the physics/engineering undergraduate curriculum. Students will learn about the principal types of nanomaterials and nanostructures with the […]

Grant Writing Workshop for ECRs

24 July 2014: RiAus ECR Network CNBP Investigators Professor Tanya Monro and A/Prof Jeremy Thompson joined Dr Dale Godfrey as panel members on an interactive and hands on workshop to discuss strategies for sucessful grant-writing.  Several ECRs from the CNBP community attended the workshop alongside other PhD students, Early Career Researchers and Mid Career Researchers.

CSIRO OCE cutting edge symposium

17-18 July 2014: Invited Talk Professor Tanya Monro spoke at the CSIRO OCE cutting edge symposium – lab on a chip sensing platforms : Interfacing physics with chemistry and biology held in Melbourne. Organisers of the event include Prof Yonggang Zhu, CNBP Partner Investigator  

Publication in Optics Materials Express

July 2014: 3D-printed extrusion dies: a versatile approach to optical material processing Congratulations to A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heridepriem and colleagues for their recent publication in Optical Material Express on 3D-Printed extrusion dies.

A/Prof Greentree speaks at RMIT ECR network event

10 July 2014: Inspiring Early Career Researchers at RMIT A/Prof Andrew Greentree was a guest speaker at the RMIT ECR Network event providing an insight into his research career and success to date. The RMIT ECR supports and fosters the development of RMIT’s early career researchers.

A/Prof Ebendorff speaks at ACOFT 2014

9 July 2014: Invited Talk at Australian Conference on Optical Fibre Technology A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heiderpriem gave an invited talk “Non-silica Mmicrsostructures optical fibres for infrared applications”at the Annual ACOFT meeting in Melbourne

Students from Singapore work with researchers in Adelaide

8 July 2014: Students from Ananyang Polytech visit Adelaide for work-experience Initiated by Dr Sabrina Heng, four students from Ananyant Polytech in Singapore spent 12 weeks working with local scientist. This ongoing partnership provides on the job research experience for the students, and mentoring opportunities for early career researchers at Adelaide.

Congratulations on success in LIEF funding

July 2014: LIEF funding for CyTOF Congratulations to Prof Ewa Goldys and A/Prof Dayong Jin for their contributions to the successful, University of Sydney led, LIEF bid to purchase a CyTOF.  This instrument has the capability to make 100 simultaneous quantitative measurements per cell in complex populations. Analysis and modelling of the data will enable […]

Keynote Presentation at CONASTA

8 July 2014: CONASTA Keynote presentation Professor Tanya Monro delivered the keynote presentation at the Australian Science Teachers Association’s  national conference – CONASTA 63. CONASTA is hosted annually by the Australian Science Teachers Association in partnership with a different state or territory Science Teachers Association. It brings together 400+ educators from all sectors, including schools, […]

Optofab NCRIS Grant

July 2014 – Grant funding Congratulations A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem and Mr Luis Lima-Marques for securing $441k in funding for ‘Optofab NCRIS 2013’.  

Novel polymer functionalization method for exposed-core optical fiber

3 July 2014: Publication in Optical Society of America Novel polymer functionalization method for exposed-core optical fiber Authors: by Roman Kostecki,  Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem, Shahraam Afshar,  GrantMcAdam, Claire Davis, and Tanya M. Monro Abstract: We report on a one step functionalization process for optical fiber sensing applications in which a thin film (∼50 nm) polymer doped with sensor molecules […]

Media Release – 3D printing

  4 July 2014: Leading the way in 3D metal printing for industry The University of Adelaide released a press release in regard to new capabilities in 3D metal printing for manufacturing extrusion dies. Published in Optical Materials Express, this ground-breaking demonstration of the ability to extrude glass through printed dies has been led by […]

Reaching out across the disciplines to high school students

25 June 2014: Engaging with high school students Today professor Ewa Goldys from the MQ Node of CNBP was busy showing the miracle of laser-based holography to a work experience student Amelia Caleye from the Performing Arts High School (Newtown High) (left). Colleagues from the Faculty of Human Sciences Jane Franklin (right) and Travis.Wearne (PhD/Masters […]

CNBP Workshop

22 July 2014:  CNBP Workshop Inaugural CNBP staff and students gathered at Macquarie University to network amongst peers.  Highlights of the day included a motivating overview from Director Prof Tanya Monro; short 1 minute presentations by all attendees and round table discussions focusing on the CNBP Themes and Biological Challenges. Video from the event will […]

Australian Women’s Leadership Symposium

3 July 2014: Prof Tanya Monro on Influencing and Negotiation Professor Tanya Monro was a panel member at the Austrlian Women’s Leadership Synposium on the topic Influencing and Negotiation.  The panel which also included A/Prof Sharon Lawn from Flinders University and Sonya Ryan Director, Carly Ryan Foundation, explored strategies for successfully influencing others and negotiation […]

Tess Reynold’s wins Poster Award

30 June – 2 July 2014: Poster Award Congratulations to Tess Reynolds, Physics PhD student, for winning the 5th International NanoMedicine Conference Bioconjugate Chemistry Award for Excellence in Nanomedicine Research Poster.

Australian Nanotechnology Early Career Workshop

11 July 2014:  Early Career Workshop A/Prof Heike Edendorff-Heidepriem presented an invited talk at the Australian Nanotechnology Early Career Workshop hosted at UTS Sydney. An abstract for the talk “Pushing the limits in glass properties and structures for laser, sensing and nonlinearity applications” can be seen here. This workshop was co-organised by CNBP AI A/Prof […]

Inspiring the next generation

25-27 June – Work Experience Students visit CNBP labs Belinda Thompson – a Year 10 student from Immanuel College spent 3 days working with CNBP Research Officer Ms Lesley Ritter observing and participating in bovine ovary aspiration, oocyte collection, bovine IVF, mouse IVF, and western blotting.  

ARC Linkage Grant Awarded to A/Prof Dayong Jin

27 June 2014:  Grant Announcement Congratulaitons to A/Prof Dayong Jin and his partners for their successful ARC Linkage grant which will explore new photonic and biochemistry approached to DNA recognition for rapid molucular diagnostics.  

CNBP visits City University London

  1 May 2014: Prof Ewa Goldys in London Prof Ewa Goldys had collborative discussion in London visiting with  Prof Tong Sun,Prof Jenneth Grattan and Prof Panicos Kyriacou at CNBP Partner Organisation the City Unviersity of London.

New capabilities for Macquarie Node

18 June 2014: Macquarie takes delivery of their first piece of CNBP hardware for chemical sensing inside the body This week, Prof Ewa Goldys (Deputy Director, CNBP and Program Co-leader “DETECT”) took delivery of the first piece of CNBP hardware for nanoscale chemical sensing in the body. The system shown in the photo taken in […]

Prof Ewa Goldys honored with visiting appointment

June 2014: Heart Research Institute Prof Ewa Goldys honored with a visiting appointment at the Heart Research Institute in recognition of her joint research with Prof Pauil Pilowsky, an internationally renowned expert on cardiovascular regulations and neurotransmitters involved at key synapses in the brainstem and spinal cord.

RMIT Founders Day Dinner

13 June 2014: A/Prof Andrew Greentree presented on the topic of Quantum Engineering at the RMIT Founder Day Dinner Click here to see an article about his presentation on RMIT News

Local Outreach at RMIT

13 June 2014: RMIT Annual Research Day A/Prof Brant Gibson introduced the CNBP to a community of current and future postgraduate students at the RMIT School of Applied Sciences Annual Research Day.

Prof Jim Piper celebrated in Queens Honour List

June 2014: Professor Jim Piper, AM Congratulations to Professor Jim Piper who was recognised on the Queen’s Birthday list as a member (AM) in the general division ‘for significant service to tertiary education, particularly through research in applied laser physics’

CNBP visits City University London

  9 June 2014:  Professor Tanya Monro delivers seminar at City University London Professor Tanya Morno visited Partners at City University London, delivering a seminar:  New directions in photonics down under. This presentation reviewed recent research highlights from the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing at The University of Adelaide including new optical materials developments, […]

CNBP visits our Partners at IPHT

3-5 June 2014: Visit to IPHT, Jena A/Prof Heike Ebendorff visited with collaborators Prof Markus Schmidt, Dr Kay Schuster and Porf Lothar Wondraczek to disucss current and future collaborations.

A/Prof Heike Ebenorff-Heidenpriem presents at GOMD

29 May 2014:  The American Ceramic Society Confernece A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidenpriem gave an invited talk at the Glass and Optical Materials Division (GOMD) of The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) on 29 May 2014. The title of her presentation was “Progress in extending non-silica glass properties and fiber fabrication”.

GE Healthcare Symposium

28 May 2014: Business Briefing Dr Krystina Dzorowicz Tomsla represented Prof Ewa Goldys to present on CNBP technology at  the GE Healthcare Symposium in Albany, NY This workshop was a forum for leaders in cell therapy research and product development to exchange ideas and address regulatory challenges facing this new emerging industry with potential market share […]

Optical biosensors tutorial by Prof Jim Piper

27 May 2014:   Optical Biosensors Tutorial Presented by Professor Jim Piper, this Optical Biosensor tutorial was presented at the Pre-congress School on Optical Biosensors linked to the 2014 World Congress on Biosensors in Melbourne, Australia

$ 5.8M research funding awarded to A/Prof Andrei Zvyagin

26 May 2014:  Prestigous Grants Awarded to CNBP AI A/Prof Andrei Zvyagin  has recently received the most prestigious grant award of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation entitled “Biocompatible photoluminescent nanocomplexes for Theranostics” worth 90 mln. Russian roubles ( A$ 2.9 M , 2014-2016).  This grant establishes a new research centre […]

Centre Director Visits City University London

 21 May 2014: Visit with CNBP Partners Professor Tanya Monro met with Partner researchers Prof Tong Sun, Grattan and Rahman. She delivered an invited seminar – New Directions in Photonics Down Under. ABSTRACT: I will review recent research highlights from the Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing at The University of Adelaide including new optical […]

Publication in the Conversation – the Spark of Life

20 Mar 2014: How your parents’ diet before your birth impacts your health Dr Melanie McDowall’s latest publication in the Conversation  explains how epigenetic mofidications such as DNA methylation and histone modifications can have multigenerational health effects.  Maybe it is time to swap those chocolate biscuits for a piece of fruit!

Stories of Australian Science

May 2014: CNBP Reesearchers in the News A/Prof Jeremy Thompsonand Prof Tanya Morno’s research in relations to the CNBP have been included in this years ‘Stories-of-Australian-Science’  

Building new collaborations

8 May 2014: CNBP visits Imperial College London and Oxford University. CNBP Chief Investigator Prof Ewa Goldys visited with Dr Fang Xiew at Imperial College and Dr Martin Booth at Oxford University during her recent travels in the UK  

Nature Communications

6 May 2014: Publication Congratulations to Lu Y, Lu J, Zhao J, Cusido J, Raymo F, Yuan J, Yang S, Leif R, Huo Y, Piper J, Robinson J, Goldys E, and Jin D. for their publication in Nature communications titled: On-the-fly decoding luminscence lifetimes in the microsecond region for lanthanide-encoded suspension arrays” The full articles can […]

Open-house Tours at the Braggs

3-4 May 2014: Public Outreach The Braggs Building opened its doors to the general public on 3 & 4 May to show off its new facilities.  Tour leaders included CNBP researcher A/Prof Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem

Minister Susan Close visits the Braggs

30 April 2014:  State Minister for Manufactuing, Innovate and Trade Visits Adelaide Node The Hon Susan Close, State Minister for Manufactuing , Innovation and Trade, Minister for the Public Sector visited the laboratories at the Adelaide Node, meeting with researchers and viewing the development of new technologies.

Origin of Sensation Presentation by A/Prof Mark Hutchinson

April 2014: Origin of Sensation Presentation A/Prof Mark Hutchinson presented at the Australian Pain Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting in Hobart.  He spoke on the CNBP, the development of new tools and what these tools may mean for future pain research.  Click here to view the presentation slides.

CNBP visits IPHT

28-29 April 2014:  Professor Ewa Goldys delivered a talk at the Translational Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Leipzig, Germany  entitled “Biological label-free interrogation of cell populations by hyperspectral imaging”. Discussions about collaborative engagement prospects  in the area of cell analysis were held with Dr Attila Tarnok, Professor for Immunology and Cytomics at the University […]

Prof Ewa Godys at the University of Leipzig

28 – 29 April: Invited talk. Professor Ewa Goldys delivered a talk at the Translational Centre for Regenerative Medicine, University of Leipzig, Germany  entitled “Biological label-free interrogation of cell populations by hyperspectral imaging”. Discussions about collaborative engagement prospects  in the area of cell analysis were held with Dr Attilla Tarnok, Professor for Immunology and Cytomics […]

CNBP visits IPHT

22-25 April 2014: Professor Ewa Goldys hosted productive meetings with CNBP Partner Organisation at the Institute of Photonic Technology (IPHT) in Jena, discussing future joint CNBP projects.

Dr Peng Xi visits CNBP

10th April 2014: Dr Peng Xi from the Dept Biomedical Engineering, Peking University spoke on the Topic: RESOLFT optical nanoscopy with organic and inorganic dyes at a University of Adelaide IPAS seminar.

CNBP forming new collaborations

7 April 2014: Professor Steve Hill University of Nottingham Professor Steve Hill is a leading researcher in the field of G protein-coupled receptors. Future collaborations with Prof Hill will allow the application of his fluorescent ligands to CNBP projects. Thanks to CNBP researcher Dr Sanam Mustafa for organising this visit

CNBP at ICONN 2014

2-6 February 2014: CNBP Booth at ICONN2014 CNBP meets the scientific community by exhibiting at ICONN 2014 in Adelaide

Conference co-organised by CNBP researchers

2-6 Feb 2014:  CNBP researchers co-organise scientific conference Prof Tanya Monro (Chair) and Dr Heike Ebendorff were members of the Organizing Committee for the  23rd Australian Conference on Microscopy and Microanalysis (ACMM23) and 2014 International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN2014).  For more information go to the conference website here

CNBP Inaugural Workshop

29 – 30 Jan 2014: Inaugural CNBP Workshop CNBP researchers and partners came together for an exciting day of scientific discussions to celebrate the Centre for Nanoscale Biophotonics (CNBP).

Engaging with the Australian Community

26 January 2014: Australia Day Keynote speaker Professory Tanya Monro, 2011 Autralian of the Year for South Australia, delivered a keynote address at the Australia Day Launcheon hosted in Adelaide. Her presentation explains the way photonics is part of our everyday lives, the importance of transdicsiplinary research, industry linkage to create new jobs,  and what […]
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