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At the CNBP we use the power of light to measure, seeking to understand the complex molecular processes that underpin the living body, as well as other dynamic biological systems. 

Our approaches and technologies encompass discovery—of chemical, nanomaterial and fibre based light responsive tools—that Sense and that can also Image. 

Bringing these three core capability areas together, we are driving the development of innovative new molecular sensing tools that have broad application across the biosciences, medical, agriculture, food and manufacturing sectors. 

From next-generation diagnostic devices monitoring for health and disease, through to advanced bio-devices overseeing food and quality control—our tools are measuring activity at the nanoscale, in ways that are producing societal benefit and impact.

You can delve deeper into the impact of our research, explore the advancements we’ve made into areas such as IVF, wound healing and pain, learn about the tools and capabilities we’ve developed and discover some of the people who made it all possible via our new legacy website.



Mark Hutchinson: Silo Buster

20 August 2020: Re published with permission from The Brilliant For 20 years, Mark Hutchinson has been breaking down territorial boundaries. His career has thus become not just a case study in highly original research, but a simultaneous battle against intellectual bureaucracy. Right at the very outside of his scientific career he hit a wall that he […]

Tiny tech gets to the heart of disease

21 July 2017: Exploring the nooks and crannies of the body’s organs seems fodder for a sci-fi movie. Yet, an international team of researchers and engineers has made this a reality — and it’s set to change the way we see human diseases. A new study, published in the prestigious journal Light: Science & Applications, […]

$1.9 million for traumatic brain injury research

25 June 2020: A University of Adelaide study that will investigate the prediction of risk of long-term impairment and neurodegenerative disease development following traumatic brain injury has been awarded $1,987,160 from the Federal Government’s Medical Research Future Fund’s (MRFF). Once thought of as an acute event, it is now recognised that traumatic brain injury (TBI) […]

Your cells, now in 3D

18 June 2020: There’s been an explosion in the use of endoscopes in medical procedures over the past 30 years, from examining the liver and stomach (known as laparoscopy) to minimally invasive surgery. The use of these instruments is firmly established as an imaging technique that allows surgeons to ‘see’ inside the body, allowing them […]

People Conducting Research – Philipp Reineck

11 June 2020 – originally published by the Science Convergence Science Network By Catriona Nguyen-Robertson “Diamonds are forever”. This is not only true for the gemstones themselves, but also for the colouration and fluorescence that many diamonds display. Dr Philipp Reineck uses this rare property to engineering tiny diamond particles with unlimited fluorescence. Deemed one of nature’s most precious […]
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